Friday, August 19, 2011

MAIL CALL!: Come see the goodies I got. What did you get today, Got Pictures?

Today I received a FREE Cavanaugh oven mitt(I honestly don't remember where I got it:/ Oops) I also received another FREE Pantene Product Coupon(according to their facebook they sent out extra's :)) AND I got my 7 headlamps from 1SaleAday they were only $1!

Also I received my blanket america order from UPS.
I ordered two blankets through Blanket America using a voucher I bought on SaveMore!

Funny Story the UPS man brought my blankets to my door and as he was walking away he asked if I was still doing my coupon stuff, haha! I didn't even know he knew me for that! Gotta love a small town!:)

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