Sunday, July 10, 2011

Scan Products, Earn Rewards and Maybe OTHER hidden benefits!

Dare to be different? By scanning the products you buy you will make your consumer opinions heard while earning great rewards. Join the National Consumer Panel today!

Check out the scanner one of my fans received.
Let us know what YOU think about YOURS!
I have heard a lot of mixed reviews.
Some don't have the time and don't like it to even a woman saying it has brought her and her teenage son closer together because he likes to scan which in turn makes him like to shop with her!! It's all a matter of perspective!


Bobbie- Froms Bobbies Bargains says "Been doing it for over a year...more consistently now that I was before. If done properly, the points start racking up a LOT faster. I can get some neat items now with my points, but I am saving up for some big guns (like the kitchen aid mixer) might take me a couple of years, but I'm in no is free :)"

Fan Vanessa- I love mine too! I haven't used any of my points yet but am trying to be better with my transmissions to get more points quicker.

Fan Angela P- I just got mine a couple of months, I scan my groceries, but forget the other stuff, will be saving my points also for free stuff. I haven't had any problems scanning my items. I keep forgetting things like gas, clothes and especially when I go to cvs, now I have it by the door when I come I can remind myself to grab my scanner


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  1. I did this for a while but hated it. It sounded so great at first but then after a while it gets to be way too much work for a really small amount of points. Then it takes lot of points to get anything. You also have to scan in each store, each product, and everything you buy even gas and take out food... Not worth the amount of work in my gets tedious fast lol especially if you come home tired from a shopping trip and want to just toss stuff away and relax but instead you have to seperate it all out and scan